and the best service

Koliber is a drugstore chain that has over 140 stores
under its wings in the provinces of Silesia and Lower
Silesia, Małopolska (Lesser Poland), Opole, Lodz
and Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). The chain
guarantees the highest quality service and cosmetics
at attractive prices. With a view to continuously increasing customer satisfaction,
the Koliber chain actively engages in the development of
store owners and their employees. The chain organizes
fairs and dedicated trips for people running drugstores,
during which they receive the support of qualified advisers.
Employees are provided with training in consultancy
in the selection of cosmetics, which - being at the
highest level - helps build customer trust towards the
brand and products and services offered.


Ambra is the organizer of the Koliber drugstore chain.

Koliber Drugstores chain supports store
owners through:

  • effective selection of the assortment,
  • attractive newsletters and consumer posters,
  • consumer promotions,
  • marketing support,
  • Loyalty programs,
  • Koliber radio,
  • support in the form of IT consulting and extensive business support.

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