A modern concept
of comprehensive
alcohol sales

Duży Ben is the answer to the niche market in the segment of retail stores - the chain offers an attractive format for the sale of alcohols - beers, wines and liqours. Modern alcohol stores operate in accordance with the one-stop-shop principle (all in one place). The customer can buy more than alcohol. The assortment is enriched with products complementing the offer of alcoholic beverages - snacks, accessories for serving alcohols and drinks, and mixers for drinks.

Duży Ben provides expert advice, a wide, range of each alcohol category and attractive promotions.Among others, we offer the opportunity to samplethe wine before buying (a special wine machine) or
the possibility of buying beer from a special spoutguaranteeing the highest quality and freshness of beer. The stores are open late hours, which makes themideally suited to the needs and requirements of customers.

Since 2018, franchises are available as part of the Duży Ben concept.

Open a store that will provide
your customers with shopping
in one place for:

good alcohol
drinks and cocktail extras
do koktajli

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