Gama Store Chain - Traditionally, a good choice - is the
nationwide chain developed as part of the Partnerski
Serwis Detaliczny - PSD (Partnership’s Retail Service) project.
The PSD Group was established in 2008, and since 2011
together with the Partners has been developing the
Gama chain of stores. Today, it has over 680 stores
located all over Poland, of which 315 already operate
under the Gama logo and new stores are being
opened constantly.

In 2016, the PSD Group also launched a private
label under the same brand.

The offer is directed to:

Shops with an area of over 100 m2:

Gama chain – Traditionally a good choice
(Tradycyjnie dobry wybór) organizes neighborhood
stores, which are located close to the residence of
customers and offers a wide range
of products. They are characterized by
high quality of service, shopping comfort
and attractive promotions.

Shops with an area less than 100 m2:

The Gama Mini and Gama Ekspresowe
Zakupy stores operating within the same brand
are concepts aimed at owners of premises with
an area of less than 100 m2. The format uses the
Gama trademark common and
exclusive for Spółdzielczość Społem
(grocery store cooperatives). The continuation
of one line of visual presentation ensures
the same high standard of offered goods and services.

Specialty stores:

As part of cooperation with the Gama chain,
specialty stores are also created - places
where customers not only shop, but also
learn more about the products they buy.
The concept is characterized by a high
 personalization of  interior design, an attractive
product display and close cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers, which guarantees professional
knowledge in the range of the offered assortment.

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In addition to the standard activity - that is retail sales - the entire chain
has been very proactive socially for many years.

One of the first projects which the stores joined was the nationwide
social program “Tu się sprawdza dorosłość” (Age is checked here) -
addressed to shop owners and sellers who have alcohol products
in their offer.

For several years, Gama Stores together with the DKMS Foundation
have also run their annual "Bone Marrow Donor Days in Gama stores" on their premises.

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