Eurocash Group Social Responsibility Report for 2019

Luis Amaral

President of the Management Board of Eurocash Group

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This year Eurocash Group is observing its 25th anniversary, how do you intend to celebrate it?

The "Eurocash Group Social Responsibility Report for 2019" is published on the eve of our 25th birthday. Twenty-five years is a lot in the life of any Polish company so we were obviously supposed to celebrate it. With this report we want to show how we have supported entrepreneurship in Poland over the years and how we have fulfilled our civic duty.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a completely different aspect of our social responsibility has gained importance. It turned out that Eurocash Group is the most complex and complete food distribution system in Poland, providing supplies to 80 thousand grocery store owners through 12 distribution centres and 180 wholesalers. In the current situation, we have a huge responsibility to ensure access to food for all Poles. No one is as close to people as we are, especially in the current conditions of mobility restrictions.

Our 23 thousand amazing employees in offices, especially in shops, Cash & Carry wholesalers and distribution centres, ensure that Poles can safely buy good quality food just around the corner every day. Our Customers, local Entrepreneurs, are determined to keep their shops open to their neighbours. Together with the medical staff, we stand at the front line of this war and are proud to fulfill our duty. I would even say that the last few weeks have taught me more about our social responsibility than the last 25 years.

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Eurocash Group with AA assessment in the MSCI ESG rating

The Eurocash Group received an AA assessment in the MSCI ESG rating, which evaluates the activities of companies around the world in terms of key issues: environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. The Polish company was rated higher than such world players of the trade industry as WalMart, Sysco, Ahold, 7/11 or Wallgreens.

Investors around the world are more often looking not only at the financial results of companies, but also at non-financial aspects, including issues related to such areas as environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and governance. These issues may generate specific risks or opportunities for the business run by the company, and thus significantly affect its future results. The ESG rating given by MSCI is one of the most important assessments of this type, reputable global funds that want to invest responsibly take its evaluations into account. Obtaining an AA rating is a great distinction for us - the Eurocash Group was among the companies gaining the highest ratings in the trade sector in the field of corporate governance, human resource management as well as product quality and safety.

Other aspects rated in this group of companies include, among others produce of carbon footprint, raw materials sourcing or healthy food offer. The rating is issued on a 7-point scale, with CCC-B ratings being negative, BB, BBB, A ratings – meaning average, and AA and AAA assessments indicate leaders in the ESG area.


Eurocash Group as one of the largest companies in Poland – employing nearly 23 thousand people, a leader in the wholesale distribution of FMCG goods, responsible for ensuring the supply chain of basic products for a significant part of society – has a significant impact on the development of the Polish economy. read more

Download Eurocash Group Social Responsibility Report for 2019 in pdf version.