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Eurocash Cash&Carry is a chain of 180 wholesalers throughout Poland, focusing on serving small and medium-sized grocery stores. Their offer includes almost 5,000 products meeting the expectations of independent store owners and responding to the needs of their customers. The optimal size of the warehouse and a carefully selected assortment allow customers to realize their purchases more efficiently. The choice of location facilitates cooperation with clients who cancome every day for fresh goods.

Wholesale creates a competitive advantage for the abc partner stores. It is the largest chain of "neighborhood" stores, currently numbering over 8,500 outlets. Wholesale center personnel provide clients with professional assistance, advice and support in running business.

Cooperation with Eurocash Cash&Carry
is a guarantee of:

The lowest
Thanks to a weekly market price survey, Eurocash Cash&Carry provides lower prices than the competition for more than 70% of the most frequently purchased products. It also offers attractive promotions and loyalty programs.
The highest
quality service
Eurocash is a reliable business partner that provides its clients with the fastest customer service possible
An exceptional
Eurocash Cash&Carry has over 5,000 products. The wholesalers cooperate with leaders in each of the categories of articles, the most important local producers and offer exclusive products.

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