Private Labels


a good choice

Dobry Wybór is Eurocash’s private label that offers high
quality products at an affordable price. A rich assortment
of almost 400 food products and household chemicals,
which are a response to growing consumer expectations.
The Dobry Wybór offer includes all kinds of meat and fish,
dairy products, fresh bread, sweets and beverages,
but also household chemical items, cosmetics,
pet food and alcohol.

at a good price

Lewiatan private label products are characterized
by good quality and attractive price. Currently,
the offer includes over 350 products marked with the
"Lewiatan" logo, which ranks as the sales leader
in its category. In addition to foodstuffs, such as meat,
sausages, breads, concentrates and cereal products,
on the shelves you can also find household items,
hygiene and industrial items, as well as tobacco
and alcoholic beverages.


For the love
of healthy beauty

Biolove products available in Kontigo - cosmetic
stores with exceptional service - guarantee a
healthy and beautiful complexion. The brand
focuses on natural ingredients and offers its
customers unique bath salts, candles for massage,
butter and mousses for the body and face.
The offer also includes other care products
that you can always have on hand: spray lotions,
hand creams and hand-held deodorants.

The best products of Polish producers

Gama's private label is high quality products from Polish
producers. In addition to a wide range of products,
it also provides attractive and aesthetic packaging,
making it an excellent alternative to branded products,
offering similar products, but at a lower, more attractive
price. Gama's offer includes juices, concentrates,
pasta and rice, drinks and many other groceries.
In 2016, Gama's products were recognized by the
Discovery of the Year in the popularity poll
of "Customer's Laurel".


Good composition
at a good price

Groszek’s private label is available exclusively in Groszek
chain stores and is distinguished by good price of
products while maintaining their high quality. Thanks
to the simple composition and modern packaging,
articles bearing the Groszek logo are an attractive
competition for their counterparts in given categories.
The constantly developing offer now includes several
dozen products from categories such as: rice, pasta,
chocolate, jam, honey, juice, cookies, peanuts,
dog and cat food, and canned vegetables.

euro sklep
the best decision

Private label with Euro Sklep logo. The shop is
a guarantee of high quality at a good price.
The products were created for consumers who
in their daily purchasing decisions take into account
all the elements - simple composition, low price
and visually attractive product packaging. On the
shelves of the chain, customers will find articles
from such categories as: rice, pasta, sweets and
snacks, jams, honey, juices, animal feeds and
canned vegetables. The entire range of products is
consistent, transparent and stands out from other brands.