Development and Education
in the Eurocash Group


Eurocash supports the development of product sales, which are crucial in building the competitiveness of the Group's business partners. It dynamically invests in categories such as alcohol - by supporting the sale of wines, beers and strong drinks through modern shelf management models. Entrepreneurs also receive access to a wide range of private labels and high-quality ready-to-eat meals.

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Eurocash Skills Academy

Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash (Eurocash Skills Academy) is the largest comprehensive education and training program in Poland, which was established in 2010 and supports Polish independent retail stores associated in franchise and partner chains of the Eurocash Group.

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The Eurocash Skills Academy's offer is based on 4 educational pillars: an educational platform, workshops, conferences and postgraduate studies. As part of these activities, store owners and employees use training on the e-learning platform, they can take part in stationary workshops and educational conferences, thus gaining knowledge in the field of, among others, store and staff management, customer service standards or work with a selected assortment. In 2016 and 2017 alone, workshops within the Eurocash Skills Academy were carried out in over 70 cities and over 12,000 people participated in them. More than 30,000 people have participated in the workshops since the beginning of the Eurocash Skills Academy's existence.

A perfect supplement to the workshops are multimedia and e-learning courses, located on the educational platform of the Eurocash Skills Academy.

Already more than 60 courses are available, including 11 in Ukrainian. An absolute novelty in the Eurocash Skills Academy's offer are e-learning courses on succession, aimed at protecting business and family assets, and effectively handing them over to successors (children, family). The year 2018 is also the continuation of postgraduate studies - "Business management in retail" and the start of the Enterprise Management Academy, organized in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics, dedicated to store owners and their successors.

The objectives of the fourth pillar of the Eurocash Skills Academy, that is the conference, include broadening knowledge, promoting training activities, exchanging experiences and integrating people working everyday in the same industry. In the two editions of the Congress of Polish Business Dealers, over 10,000 people have participated so far!

In 2017, the Eurocash Academy of Skills
received the Special Hermes prize.

The jury of the competition appreciated the scale of action, professionalism,
high quality of the offer and personalized approach to clients.

Heroes of
Polish Entrepreneurship

"100 initiatives for 100 years of independent Poland" was the first nationwide, pro-social, grant project in which Polish entrepreneurs inspired actions in the area of CSR - tens of thousands of store owners associated in the Eurocash Group.

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The Eurocash Group is constantly working on ensuring that independent entrepreneurs can be competitive in relation to hypermarkets and discounters. Regardless of the chosen model of cooperation, entrepreneurs receive comprehensive marketing support from Eurocash - from attractive promotion tools to long-term loyalty programs.


Scholarship program

Education is one of the main pillars of Eurocash's operations - within its framework, the Group not only cares about the development of shop owners and their employees, but also their relatives. Through a scholarship program addressed to the most talented children of employees, franchisees and partners of the Eurocash Group, the company wants to support them to acquire knowledge and develop talents, regardless of the field of interest.

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