Each of us has precisely set goals and is responsible for their implementation. Thanks to the effective use of available resources, we strive to achieve the challenges we face. Thus, we all contribute to the development of the Group and increasing the profits generated by it.


We believe that we are the forgers of our own fate, and the challenges posed before us are an opportunity to demonstrate and introduce new solutions and improvements. We adhere to the 360-degree philosophy, according to which we are judged by both superiors and subordinates, internal clients and people in parallel positions.


In such a complex and dynamically growing organization as the Eurocash Group, we achieve results through effective cooperation, adaptation to change and thanks to the motivation of all employees. The dynamism of action, creativity and numerous effects of cooperation resulting from working in a team allow us to achieve results that bring satisfaction to both the entire company and every employee.


In the Eurocash Group, we are guided by high ethical standards for employees, customers and suppliers. Everyone should act in accordance with the law and the principles of integrity and show respect to everyone with whom they cooperate. We comply with all the corporate governance rules of listed companies, and information about the company's operations and results is fully available.

Profit sharing

When the Eurocash Group achieves the goals set for itself, individual employees also have a share in the profit. Each of us is assessed according to the tasks we perform - people who achieve the best results are rewarded higher than others. The courage to make decisions, flexibility, focus on increasing efficiency and meeting ambitious challenges are highly valued.


We believe that only by meeting the expectations of our clients can we develop and generate higher profits. For Eurocash Group, the priority is and will be to meet the clients' needs and implementsolutions to increase the competitiveness of their offer. As a result, our clients can strengthen their market position and increase business profitability.

Job satisfaction

In the Eurocash Group, we care about being an attractive employer. We achieve this by honestly rewarding for the results achieved. It is also very important that employees take satisfaction and joy in meeting the challenges they face. The working environment in the Eurocash Group is informal, which gives the opportunity to develop and gain experience in an environment that is exciting, energy filled and full of passion .


Entrepreneurship is the DNA of our company. We are convinced that in each of us lies the sense of entrepreneurship, which – when well used - allows us to achieve the impossible.

We actively analyze the environment in which we operate and identify development opportunities for our clients and our company. We operate innovatively and consciously and take risks believing that thanks to this we can be Number One.