Grocery stores
that combine tradition
and modernity

Delikatesy Centrum is a franchise chain that combines being local with advanced solutions. What distinguishes it is primarily the most advanced loyalty program, whose operation is based on artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition, it is a leading chain of local supermarkets in Poland, which provides its consumers with daily access to fresh products of great quality, 100% meat without injections and well-known local specialties, which is a big distinguishing feature on the Polish retail market. As part of the franchise Delikatesy Centrum, entrepreneurs receive support at every stage of cooperation: from choosing the most suitable store location, equipment and developed trading model, through procurement and logistics, to permanent local and national marketing support, an advanced POS system supporting store management, tailored to profile and store's potential planograms and access to trainings within the Eurocash Skills Academy.

Franchise within the
Delikatesy Centrum chain means:

  • guarantee of constant delivery of products,
    even six times a week!
  • fresh products from the meat counter
    (meat, sausages, cheese, fish and
    local bread which is an assortment
    important for customers
  • competitive private labels: Twoja Delicja,
    Wybrane przez Delikatesy Centrum
    and Dobry Wybór
  • marketing support, including awarded in
    2017 loyalty program Delikarta for clients
    of the chain
  • attractive visual identification of the chain
    (logo, store design, layout of goods)
  • proven methods of store and staff
  • practical support in running a
    commercial outlet
  • a guarantee that no new store of
    Delikatesy Centrum will open within
    15 minutes of your location
  • consumer communication in local
    and nationwide media

Delikatesy Centrum
can be run by:

communal and municipal
(GS, PSS Społem)
physical persons
with capital
for investments

8 out of 10 stores in the Delikatesy Centrum chain are
franchise stores - hundreds of entrepreneurs trusted us!

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