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Responsible business
Eurocash Group

Responsibility is one of the key values of the Eurocash Group, which
is reflected in the business strategy and every area of our business
- from approach to employees, relationships with partners, to impact
on society, the economy and the environment.

to employees

Employees have an invaluable influence on the shape of the Group and its functioning. We consider their safety and job satisfaction a priority.


We implement this approach through:

  • providing employees with the
    possibility of comprehensive
    career development
  • offering benefits, such as
    sports packages, private
    medical care, as well as
    multifaceted support for families
  • managerial programs and
    opportunities to participate
    in internal recruitment
  • an internal and e-learning
    training system,
  • internal promotions

Dialogue with employees

We value the opinions and ideas of our employees - we dynamically invest in innovative
internal communication tools, thanks to which we maintain a permanent dialogue with
all members of the Eurocash Group. We regularly ask employees for feedback after the
employee completes actions, we examine their level of engagement and also measure
the level of satisfaction with cooperation with service departments.


for our clients

The underlying goal of Eurocash Group is to support our clients - independent entrepreneurs managing retail stores. We focus on increasing their competitiveness. How?

The underlying goal of Eurocash Group is to support our clients - independent entrepreneurs managing retail stores. We focus on increasing their competitiveness. How? We provide them with the necessary knowledge and continuous development of competences through the Eurocash project - Akademia Umiejętności Eurocash (Eurocash Skills Academy) - the largest educational and training program in Poland supporting Polish independent retail stores associated in franchise and partner chains. As part of it, store owners and employees use the e-learning platform, workshops and conferences, thanks to which they can gain knowledge about, among others, store management. Over 50,000 business owners have already benefited from the program. In 2017, we expanded our offer in a special direction: we created the postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. As part of the Eurocash Skills Academy, we have also introduced a special program to support store owners in the succession of their business.

We were also the organizer of the campaign "Local Heroes - 100 entrepreneurial initiatives for the 100th anniversary of independence", allowing store owners to build a strong relationship with local communities, giving them the opportunity to offer real support for important social projects in their region. As part of the initiative, each of our partners may, together with a local non-profit organization, get one of 100 grants worth between PLN 10,000 and PLN 100,000 for the implementation of an idea that will develop the local community in which the store operates.

The campaign was a continuation of "Heroes of Polish Entrepreneurship - the Retail Poll", during which in 2017 we promoted the best practices in running a business. The involvement of last year's winners in initiatives particularly important to their local communities was a direct inspiration for the continuation of the competition in a new form.

Impact on the economy and the environment

The Eurocash Group has a significant impact on the development
of the Polish economy through trading in goods worth over PLN 23 billion,
providing jobs for over twenty thousand people and supporting the
development of over 14,000 retail stores concentrated
in franchise and partner chains.

We realize that the scale of our business may negatively affect
the environment. That is why we work to make our products
and services more responsible in this respect.

We strive to minimize
our negative impact on
the environment by:

limiting energy
passing on food near expiration
date to people in need
optimization of fuel combustion in cars
risk management at every
planning stage

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, among other efforts, we carry out a project of replacement of lighting in distribution centers and Cash&Carry warehouses for modern lighting equipped with LED bulbs. We also moved our office in Warsaw to a building with the BREEAM ecological construction certificate. We have implemented a modern logistics system that allows rational use of means of transport.

We monitor the routes on an ongoing basisand determine them in the most effective way. We also implement the "Safety and Driving Ecology Improvement Program", within which, among other things, we identified and prepared the implementation of 11 ecological rules for driving. We also gradually replace conventional cars with hybrid ones, creating one of the largest corporate fleets with this type of drive system in Poland.



The Eurocash Group strives to take care of people in its environment
by organizing or joining various social actions. As part of the Eurocash
Group Foundation operating since 2013, we run a scholarship program
for talented young people - children of employees of various business
units of the Group, as well as employees of franchise stores and partner
companies cooperating with Eurocash. We are also involved in various charity
activities, such as collections for the needy or the purchase of Christmas gifts
for foster children from family orphanages.

We operate in a long-term cooperation agreement with the Large Families
Union 3+ (Związek Dużych Rodzin 3+).
We also regularly cooperate with Polish universities,
where we run an Ambassador Program.

We invite you to read our CSR report on non-financial activities for 2017
(raport działalności niefinansowej CSR za rok 2017).