The underlying objective of Eurocash Group is to ensure competitive advantage to independent retail in Poland, to offer added value for our customers, and to increase return on investment for the Group shareholders.

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We implement our strategy by:

  • meeting the customers needs by supplying various distribution formats and forms of cooperation, and by providing the customers with the expected level of quality and service 
  • creating sustainable competitive advantage of the Group using the economies of scale
  • systematic cost optimization and operations integration in all business units within the Group 

Eurocash Group development was a response to the needs of the customers operating in the traditional retail market. Having acquired the best businesses in those distribution formats where the Group had not operated at all operated to a limited extent, we significantly expanded our customer base as well as the forms of collaboration we offer.

The strategy of Eurocash Group assumes further organic growth in each distribution format, combined with continued acquisitions of the best players in their respective segments of wholesale and franchise chains. Such transactions allow us to achieve the synergies of scale relatively fast, which translates into better trading conditions for Eurocash customers, and reinforced competitive power and market position for the Group.

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