Eurocash Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report for

Letter from the President of the Management Board

Paweł Surówka President of the Management Board of the Eurocash Group

As Poland’s largest wholesale distributor of FMCG products, we are responsible for the quality and safety of products that reach the homes of almost 12.5 million Polish families daily. Through its distribution centres and warehouse network, Eurocash Group forms one of the largest food supply chains in Poland. We acknowledge how great our social responsibility is and for this reason since 2019 we have been implementing all our activities in line with the Sustainable Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+.
In the last two years we have faced a health crisis. Since February 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine, we have been facing a humanitarian crisis unprecedented in the 21st century. Almost 3 million Ukrainian citizens, mostly women and children, have sought refuge in Poland. Social expectations towards corporate behaviour are currently very high and influence consumer choices. I am proud to manage a company that reacts immediately, even when faced with a crisis of immense proportions.
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We Help Ukraine!
channel share
in the entire Polish
FMCG market*
more than
89 thousand
16 thousand
Cash & Carry
wholesale warehouses
148 thousand
in the Eurocash
Academy of Skills
20 thousand
PLN 7.3 million
granted for scholarships
27 Years
of Eurocash Group
in Poland
* Source: Eurocash, according to NielsenIQ
Business Activity

Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+

A sustainable and responsible approach to our daily business activity determines the impact we make on our economic, social and natural surroundings.

Our approach to sustainable development is outlined in the Eurocash Group Strategy of Sustainable Development 2020+ , that we adopted in 2019. Its four pillars relate to our most important stakeholders, namely our employees, Entrepreneurs and Poles who stock up in our stores. Furthermore, we care for the environment and work to reduce food waste.
76% of our Customers agreed with the statement that Eurocash Group conducts its business in a responsible way,
61% of Customers states that we are a socially responsible company**.
** NPS survey, 2021.

Sustainable Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+

Pillar I.
Entrepreneurship Development
We want to create a responsible entrepreneurial spirit that will ensure the sustainable development of the country's society and economy at large.
24 thousand
users of the Eurocash Academy of Skills educational platform
We provide Entrepreneurs with modern tools to boost their business growth.
Innovative Trade Platform

Sustainable Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+

Pillar II.
Quality for Everyone and Food Waste Prevention
Our prime objective is to deliver safe, high quality food products to every Customer (i.e. Entrepreneur, who is the store owner) and as a result to reach the broadest possible range of consumers across Poland. We also take great care to limit the food wastage to absolute minimum.
Our Certificates
quality controls of own-labelled products
369 702
fresh products lots were
subject to quality controls
nearly 300 tonnes
of products donated to people in need

Sustainable Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+

Pillar III.
We Use Less
In Eurocash Group we take care of the environment. In our activity, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the natural surroundings, thus we have implemented an environmental policy.
number of hybrid drive cars, which means that
75% of our fleet is green
CO2 emissions generated by the fleet
reduced by 4.84%
(compared to the previous year)
more than
facilities located throughout Poland
0.1428 t/m2
is the greenhouse gas intensity emissions ratio

Sustainable Development Strategy of Eurocash Group 2020+

Pillar IV.
Health, Safety and Employees Commitment
Work in Eurocash Group is primarily a perspective of constant growth. The scale and diversity of our company’s operations and the multiplicity of entities with which we cooperate provide an opportunity not only to work in many industries, but also to develop continuously.
employees involved in volunteering programme
Number of benefits provided to our employees. We care about their health, good working conditions and develop pro-health programmes.
Responsible Education and Communication
In quarterly published newsletter "CSR News" addressed to employees we present the latest information about events concerning sustainable development within the Group.
employees and Entrepreneurs
took part in our webinars and workshops
"We Respect, We Don't Waste!"
social campaign launched by Eurocash Group
We are pleased to present to you the report on Eurocash Group’s non financial activities prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, in the Core Compliance option.
The report has been subject to external audit carried out by Deloitte.
We kindly invite you to read the complete Report.
the Eurocash Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2021