Eurocash Group

Social Responsibility Report

for 2020

Eurocash Group and COVID-19

Responsible management during the COVID-19 epidemic

Ensuring safety and supply chain continuity has always been a Eurocash Group priority, regardless of the circumstances, and it has been even more so during the epidemic. Out of a sense of responsibility for health and safety of its employees and Customers, Eurocash Group created an interdisciplinary COVID-19 Taskforce.

Its members include representatives of the Management Board as well as company experts responsible for areas relevant to the management of the situation at hand. Katarzyna Kopaczewska, Eurocash’s Executive Board Member coordinated the efforts of Eurocash’s COVID-19 Taskforce.

From the very beginning of the epidemic, we were aware that the sheer scale of our business activity confers on us enormous responsibility. On short notice, we needed to adjust all of the Group’s operations to the new reality in order to ensure supply chain continuity and to provide food to people all over Poland, especially those living in smaller towns and villages, where the stores are run by independent Entrepreneurs. Eurocash’s COVID-19 Taskforce worked around the clock setting out procedures and preparing informational materials that would explain

the legal aspects of functioning during an epidemic and striving to have different scenarios in place in case of potential emergency situations. One of the key issues has been providing a safe working environment for both our employees and Customers in shops, warehouses and distribution centres. The Group’s efforts have been further supported by tens of thousands of employees and Customers: our business activity inspired many to get involved in their communities. The scale and scope of this involvement exceeded our wildest expectations.

Katarzyna Kopaczewska

Member of Eurocash Group’s Management Board

Our responsibility for our Employees

Eurocash Group has a complex employment structure, with employees working in administration warehouses, distribution centres and those working within Entrepreneur’s own retail business. For this reason, from the earliest days of the epidemic, not only a whole range of new safety protocols and regulations needed to be introduced, but also these needed to be tailored to fulfil needs of each employee group. To prevent the coronavirus from spreading, we have implemented all the recommendations of Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and provided our employees with the necessary personal protection gear as well as undertook a range of additional activities aiming to maximise work comfort. We immediately switched to shift and remote work, limiting face-to-face meetings and business travel between company units.

Effective communication with our employees was of key significance – we ensured that our workers stay in the information loop, using all possible channels to reach them. We also launched hotlines for reporting sick leave as well as for those seeking psychological support.

The Management Board engaged in direct communication with the employees, holding 14 online companywide meetings to date.

Communication with employees

11 thousand hours

of helpline activity


helpline operating mode


Workplace notifications


mails from Covid-19 Taskforce


SMS notifications


defined procedures


e-mail submissions within last 90 days


online meetings with Luis Amaral

Solutions implemented to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus:

  • for Eurocash Cash & Carry wholesale warehouses:
    • limiting access to zones within each warehouse
    • temperature checks
    • increased frequency of trolleys disinfection
    • restricting the cash register area to cashiers only
    • customers paid in the trolley offload area
    • information communicated through screens, posters and PA system
    • Customers were encouraged to place orders by phone, online at or through the Eurocash Cash & Carry app
  • for distribution centres and warehouses:
    • increased frequency of forklift and pallet truck disinfections
    • increased frequency of disinfection of shared spaces such as toilets, common rooms, dining rooms, etc.
    • employee temperature checks
    • employees with illness symptoms would not be admitted
  • all Eurocash Group facilities:
    • additionally, restrictions on access for third-parties

Employees able to work remotely were granted access to online trainings that helped them effectively adapt to new working conditions.

To give our employees a sense of job stability, we enhanced our internal recruiting system, holding all job application processes online.

Employees’ protection gear

2.3 million

disposable protection masks

170 thousand

reusable masks

31 million

single and multiple use protection gloves


face shields

235 thousand

litres of hand disinfectants

10 thousand

cashier protective shields and partitions in own stores

Our employees demonstrated their social responsibility by volunteering in a wide range of campaigns and projects supporting those most in need during the epidemic, thereby rightly living up to the title of #FantastyczniLudzie [literally: #FantasticPeople].


[literally: #FantasticPeople]

Many employees of the Eurocash Group got involved in various actions that supported those standing on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus, as well as those especially in need for help and assistance in that difficult time. That’s why we have launched our in-house, company-wide #FantastyczniLudzie campaign.

Every single employee could give a public nomination to his colleagues who have joined aid actions or have launched such initiatives on their own during the COVID-19 epidemic. Nominations were collected on the employees’ Workplace social platform in a special group #FantastyczniLudzie. As part of the of the campaign, a special page was created on the intranet where descriptions of all undertaken actions were published together with a thank-you video addressed to #Fantastic Superheroes from Luis Amaral, the Groups’ CEO.

Additionally, all members of the #Fantastic People community received thank-you gadgets and diplomas. The campaign lasted from May to June 2020. The #FantastyczniLudzie campaign honoured at a wide-company forum the commitment of our employees to bring aid during the COVID-19 epidemic, and thus it also emphasized the importance of the idea of volunteering in the Group.


nominees for Eurocash #Fantastic Superhero




employees’ reactions to posts on the Workplace platform

Our responsibility for our Entrepreneurs

Eurocash-organised chains of franchise-holders, partners and agents associate over 16,000 shops run by independent Entrepreneurs, who took upon themselves the responsibility of providing Poles with the necessary food products during the epidemic. While many individuals and companies moved their offices to the comfort and safety of their own home, our Customers were daily facing the risk of infection, just like medical and law enforcement personnel. Nevertheless, many Entrepreneurs still had the strength and will to engage in charity work.

Information campaign enhancing the safety of Eurocash Group Customers

Immediately after a state of epidemic emergency was declared in Poland, Eurocash Group launched a broad-based information campaign aimed at independent Entrepreneurs and focused on safety and hygiene rules as well as new government-introduced regulations.

  • Posters for Entrepreneurs over 100,000 posters presenting safety regulations addressed to the Group’s Customers.
  • “Bezpiecznie z” [Stay safe with](campaign organised by Eurocash Dystrybucja) – “Wiem Więcej” [Learn More] section of the online platform was supplemented with a subpage presenting most important information for Entrepreneurs pertaining to COVID-19; between March and June 2020, the site had over 100,000 pageviews and was visited by 5,000 unique users.
  • Guidebooks on topics such as safe restocking, shift work mode, shop disinfection practices and relations with consumers.

Education during the epidemic – supporting Entrepreneurs in their activity and operations

From the earliest days of the epidemic, Eurocash Group offered mentoring and support to its Customers through the Eurocash Academy of Skills, including organising:

  • webinars – reffering to the changing labour law regulations (in cooperation with SKS Legal Office) and OHS-related sanitary regulations for convenience stores;
  • on-line workshops – held since April 2020, these free-of-charge sessions for store managers and employees offer practical tips on shop operation during the epidemic.

23 thousand

webinar participants to date

Anti-crisis Shield

We also supported our Entrepreneurs in benefiting from state aid in the form of “Anti-Crisis Shields”. We published The Anti-Crisis Shield Guidebook as well as a series of posts on our Entrepreneur-focused blog.

The Eurocash Academy of Skills – induction programme for newly hired shop staff

Due to the epidemic, all job application processes needed to be adjusted to meet the challenges of the new reality. While the need for new shop staff among Eurocash Group Customers became even larger, sanitary restrictions rendered traditional onboarding impossible. For this reason, The Eurocash Academy of Skills developed a dedicated multifaceted induction programme to assist Entrepreneurs in safe and efficient training of newly hired staff. Each shop position received a dedicated induction and training track with clearly-defined educational tasks (these included e-learning courses, online workshops, training videos and e-books) that were clustered into career tracks and dispersed over a two-week period. In this way 11,767 onboarding tracks has been completed to date.


completed onboarding tracks

Everyday Heroes

The epidemic brought the Polish public’s focus to doctors and medical staff in general who found themselves in the centre of the battle against COVID-19 and received multifarious signs of support and solidarity. Eurocash Group embarked on introducing the public to Everyday Heroes – shop owners and retail workers who also found themselves in the first line of battle, often risking their own health. The “Everyday Heroes” campaign [original wording Herosi Codzienności] aimed to make the public aware of the role retail trade workers play in their communities and to demonstrate their significance to the society. In the course of the campaign, we spotlighted individuals whose courage, kindness and eagerness to get involved shine through not only during an epidemic. They are the true Everyday Heroes.

Responsibility Towards Consumers

Members of Eurocash Group shop chains engaged in a multitude of charity campaigns. Shop owners joined initiatives launched by Eurocash as well as those organised by their chains or even locally.

In their activism, safety and comfort of their Consumers, as well as support for local communities and institutions, remained a priority.

Shopping for Seniors 60+

The campaign “Zakupy dla Seniora 60+” [Shopping for Seniors 60+] started on March 23 and had Eurocash Group volunteers deliver groceries to senior citizens – those most likely to risk serious consequences of a COVID-19 infection.