Kontigo -
a chain that cares
about women in Poland

Kontigo is a young and dynamic chain of stores that offers a selected range of cosmetic products available in 13 stores and an online shop. The concept was created for the modern woman and provides exceptional service and an assortment available at an affordable price, so she can feel at her best.

Kontigo's offer includes cosmetic products for make-up, and body, face and hair care, as well as fragrances and accessories, including attractive brands available exclusively.

Kontigo stores provide clients with:

  • a wide range of cosmetic products
  • specialized service with an individual character
  • make-up service
  • advice on the selection of cosmetics and their applications
  • comfortable and hygienic test zones with natural lighting
  • make-up brands available exclusively:
    Rosie, MOIA, MYSTIK Warsaw, MOOV, You-Niverse, Biolove and Kontigo
  • affordable prices

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